Web Development And Programming Using PHP/MYSQL Database At Yemlat

We will be teaching you the basic parts of developing a website, so you too will be able to have a sound and real knowledge of how to develop and program a website for others and earn money in return for your service.

We will be training you on the core part, from the beginning to the end. You will also learn how to upload your website content/files on the internet via a webhost, we will give you all the materials needed to start your development once you attend our training. You will also get the opportunity to register your preferred domain name free of charge from us. The training will run for a month depending on your schedule.We also consider people for weekend and this will take only 8 saturdays..

What you will be learning from us:
HTML, CSS; JavaScript, PHP, jQuery and MySQL
The professional way and method used to develop a website and the coding ethics, best coding practices.

How to create and manage a database using PHP and MySQL, how to insert, select, update and delete data from the database.


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