Business Registration

Business Registration

If you are planning to start a business in Nigeria, it’s very important you incorporate your business. Registering or incorporating your company with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) gives you some legal backing as a business entity to carry out business in Nigeria. There are various forms of business structure to choose from and each structure depends on many things like tax, ownership, size, type of business among other things. The available business structures in Nigeria are:

  • Business Name (Sole Proprietorship & Partnership)
  • Private Limited Liability Company (LLC/LTD)
  • Public Limited Liability Company (PLC)
  • Unlimited Company (ULtd)
  • Limited by Guarantee (Gte)
  • Incorporated Trustee
  • Incorporation of Wholly-Owned Foreign Company/Representative Office
  • Incorporation of Joint Ventures

Incorporating your business with CAC must be done by accredited individual or agent with track record of excellent service that would not only advice and put the client through during the pre-registration stage, but also ensure excellent support after incorporation.

In order not to fall into wrong hand, is very important you choose the right and experience team to handle your pre and post-incorporation activities. At Fintey Consulting Services, we are made up of experienced individuals that are duly accredited by CAC to carry out incorporation activities. We ensure that our clients are well-advised during pre and post-incorporation and also assist in other area like taxes and licenses.

Choosing Yemlat Global Concepts  to carry out your business incorporation with CAC would give you awesome experience.

In other for us to successful incorporate your business, we are going to request for some informations which will be use in the filling of the neccessary documents.

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