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Promo ends January 31st 2021

General Features

  1. Great Network Marketing Plans: Revolving matrix, VIP matrix, Regular matrix, Pool bonus, Pass-up bonus, Sponsor bonus, Reward point, etc. Can be easily configured (enable/ disable) for each feature.
  2. Great Advertising Features: Classified Ads, Banner Ads, Text Ads & Solo Ads with feature of shop ad packages. Can be easily configured (enable/ disable).
  3. Great Investment Features: Unlimited investment packages with advanced configurable options. Can be easily configured (enable/ disable).
  4. Facebook Registration, Your visitors can be easily register to your website using their Facebook account.
  5. Internal Support Ticketing System. No need to install third party support ticket software, because you own it!
  6. Content Management System. Now will be very easy to change the content of your website, using the ‘Online Content Editor’ you can edit your website content online in Admin Area. So it will greatly save your time and effort, even for ordinary people will be able to edit their website content or creating new pages by themselves.
  7. Landing Pages Management. You can create unlimited landing pages to promote your website by you or your members.
  8. Image Manager. Changing images on the website can be a difficult job. But in egSuperBusiness it becomes very easy using the Image Manager to upload your image or your company logo. Uploading images is no longer done by manually!
  9. Banner Manager. You can place promotional banner images on the front page also in member area automatically, even comes with a Banner Rotator feature. We guarantee that your website will be more interesting!
  10. Easy To Design.  working with smarty template system so it is easy to work with html codes using any standard html editor. You will be able to design easier, add more links or page without any restriction.
    We provide 6 Free Templates with the product package that you can use to beautify your website.
  11. SMS Notification, using email to Sms provider to notify your members using Short Message Service ( SMS ).
  12. Multiple Admin with Level Access. Your website can be maintained by several Admin, and you can specify the level access allowed for each Admin type , so that you can create a team to run your online business activities.
  13. Easy web based administration, all management is done through your browser, come with a complete control for each feature available easily in Admin Area.
  14. Ultimate Membership Features such as Upgrade, Downgrade, Disable, Delete, Debit/Credit account balance, Extend subsription, Change Sponsor and many others…
  15. Automatic Activation and withdrawal for payment method which supports Instant Payment Notification.
  16. Subscription Membership.  can handle of subscription period such as Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. The membership handled automatically.
  17. Payment & Withdrawal Plugins. An open source code php files which work with Payment Processors, so you will be able to create another payment plugins.
  18. Advance Wallet System, Can work with separate wallet of each payment processor or in one wallet for each payment processor.
  19. Support Multi Languages, you can add any new languages or edit the current language to your own custom language by editing the translation file.
  20. Multi Language Email Notification, such as welcome email, sponsor notification, membership activation, forgot password, membership expired, earning notification and others.
  21. Auto Referral Url with www.domain.com/?ref=userid format
  22. Viral PDF to help member promoting through viral ebook marketing
  23. Articles Management & Mini Blog, Write article for members and for public (mini blog)
  24. Custom Member Fields. Able to add another field for member information, also set the required fields on registration or member profile.
  25. Registration Validation email. If you need new members to confirm their email address by sending a confirmation/ validation email.
  26. Income Report (Daily,Weekly and Monthly)
  27. Unlimited Downloadable Products of products/downloadable products
  28. Auto Email, Can be used as Autoresponder/ Auto follow up facility to inactive members and active members.
  29. Backup Database
  30. Full Logging & Report System
  31. No limit members quota, support for unlimited members
  32. Member can show photo/upload profile photo
  33. And many more… Such as Add Fund, Internal Fund Transfer, Search Engine Optimization, Live Support, Social and others…

 Marketing Plan Features

work with multiple matrix at once such as Revolving matrix, VIP matrix, Regular matrix works simultaneous. You can set the configuration of each matrix such as depth, width and the level commissions. Also can be enable or disable the matrix plan.

  1. Revolving/ Multi Stage Matrix, can create unlimited matrix stage with bonus configuration for each stage
  2. VIP Matrix, Beside income from the Revolving matrix, your members will also earn money from the VIP Matrix. By this matrix your members will also earn money for new members enroll, shop ad packages and purchasing deposit plans.
  3. Regular Matrix, Free members and Paid members will be placed into this matrix if they refer new Paid members. Members in this matrix can be earn bonus for downline upgrade, orders and deposits, Both your members will be earning income!
  4. Pool bonus, If you want to share your revenue to your members you can give them bonus with daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
  5. Powerline/ Pass Up, can be set to any amount of pass-up plan.
  6. Sponsor bonus, Commission to your members when they enroll new members.
  7. Reward Point, Can be used as a bonus or special offer for the outstanding member.
  8. Each bonus name can be renamed to suit your needs.
  9. Each matrix can be configured, width and depth can be determined freely (nXn) and set the commission for each level.
  10. Pay commission to sponsor and the network for new members enroll, ads shops and investment program. The commissions can be easily configured.
  11. Genealogy tree for each matrix plan is available.
  12. And many more…

Ads Features

Everybody knows, product is absolutely needed to create a business. Providing product may be the hardest part for online business, but with SuperBusiness you can easily provide Advertising service as your product, so nobody will say your business is money game!

  1. Classified AdsBanner AdsText Ads and Solo Ads
  2. Configurable Ads Option. Create unlimited ads package with the options such as Minimum cost, Members limitation, Display colors, Banner size, etc…
  3. Ads Bidding System. Set the minimum cost (in credits) and let your members decide how much they bid for ad impression, is the best strategy for advertisements.
  4. Buy Ad Credits. Your members are able to shop more Ad credits using their account balance.
  5. Network Commissions. Pay commission to sponsor and they network for Ad credits shops.
  6. Easy Ad placement. You can place ads anywhere! Easy… by writing simple code to any page you wish then the ads system will work automatically.
  7. Unlimited Classified Ads Package with configurable options such as Categories, Display duration, Additional field, Ad Detail and more..
  8. Unlimited Banner Ads Package, you can specify the banner dimesion of each ad package.
  9. Easy Text Ads Design, set the colors for displaying Text Ads.
  10. Solo Ads, displaying a full website advertisement.
  11. And many more…

Investment Features

Optional features included in  package. You can provide additional income to your members by the investment features!

  1. Unlimited Packages. Create unlimited plan with configurable options.
  2. Multiple Interest Rate. You can set the interest rate for each deposit amount range.
  3. Unlimited Payout Plan. You can set how many times the profit will be paid, up to unlimited.
  4. Compounding. Set Enable or Disable compounding with specific amount allowed and Members can change their compounding percentage anytime.
  5. Cancellation. Set Enable or Disable deposit cancellation with time range allowed.
  6. Working Days. Set the working days of each investment package, so you will be able to select which days the profit will be paid.
  7. Plan Limitation. Able to set membership restriction for investment packages.
  8. Manual Profit Payment. Able to see which deposits needed to pay and perform profit payment manually.
  9. Automatic Profit Payment. Pay profit automatically by system using automation program.
  10. Dinamic Interest rate. You can change the profit interest rate when paying profit manually.
  11. Deposit Default Status. You can set the default status of new deposit (On hold or Running).
  12. Bonus/ Testing Plan. Create a deposit for testing/bonus/giveaway purpose.
  13. Signup Bonus. Able to give any amount to new member joined as a locked balance. The balance is restricted to use with the Bonus/Testing Plan only. This feature will create a massive new members for your program!
  14. Add Fund Commission. You can give commission to members when their downlines perform add fund.
  15. Deposit Referral Commission. You can give commission to members when their downlines create new deposit.
  16. Deposit Level Commission. You can give commission to members network on new deposit created.
  17. Commission Limitation. You can set how the commission will be paid (repeatable or non repeatable) and you can also give free member commission.
  18. Income Calculator. Using Deposit Simulation, your members are able to see how they deposit will be run and calculate the profit will be earned.
  19. Deposit Logs. Members are able to see their deposit history including the profit payments.
  20. Email and SMS notification. You can set email notification and even a SMS notification to your members notifying their deposit activities.
  21. And many more…

Administrator Features

  • Member
    • Member list
    • Add member
    • TOP member
    • Export
    • Member profile
    • Member balance
    • Member network
      • Personal referral
      • Personal prospect
      • Genealogy tree
    • Balance
    • Point
    • Ads Credits
    • Contact
    • History
  • Investment
    • Running list
    • On hold list
    • Completed list
    • Canceled list
    • Deposit earnings
    • Pay profit
    • Configuration
  • Ads
    • Classified ads
    • Banner ads
    • Text ads
    • Solo ads
    • Configuration
  • Funds
    • Withdrawal
    • Payment
    • Pool bonus
  • Contact
    • Send email
    • Auto email
  • History
    • Earning
    • Transfer
    • Point exchange
    • Member Access
    • Statistic
    • Error
    • Automation
  • Management
    • News
    • Testimonial
    • FAQ Manager
    • Download Manager
    • Article Manager / Blog
    • Content Management
    • Landing Pages
    • Referral Banners
    • Report
    • Backup Database
    • Automation
  • Configuration
    • General
    • Network
    • Deposit
    • Registration field
    • Language
    • Email Notification
    • SMS Notification
    • Payment
    • Withdrawal
    • Miscellaneous
  • Plugins
    • Front page
    • Ban
    • Profile photo
    • Viral PDF
    • Instant messenger
    • Captcha code
    • Brute force protection
    • Mail queue
  • Admin
    • Profile
    • Admin list
    • Add admin
    • Access log
    • Admin access
  • Ticket
    • Open
    • Answered
    • Closed
    • New Ticket
    • Configuration

Member Features

  • Profile
    • Personal information
    • Change password
    • Testimonial
  • Account Setting
    • Withdraw information
    • Email notification
    • Profile Photo
    • Instant Messenger
    • Upgrade
  • Ads
    • Classified Ads
    • Banner Ads
    • Text Ads
    • Solo Ads
    • Buy Credits
  • Funds
    • Add Fund
    • Withdraw
    • Transfer
    • Exchange Point
  • Investment
    • Make deposit
    • Deposit logs
      • Edit deposit
      • Earning history
  • Network
    • Promotion center
    • Inactive Referral
    • Active Referral
    • VIP Matrix
    • Revolving Matrix
    • Regular Matrix
    • Sponsor Information
  • Products
    • Downloads
    • Articles
  • Support
    • FAQs
    • News
    • Support Ticket
  • Logs
    • Earnings
    • Withdrawals
    • Transfers
    • Payments
    • Exchanges
  • Logout
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Get Fresh 2020 /2021 Email Addresses and Phone Number Database Update!This is best marketing platform for all across the globe!!!
1.individual email address Nigeria 1.5million Records) N20,000
2.Nigeria Gsm Phone Numbers Database Lagos,Abuja&21States(From Abia-Kogi)Sorted by streets, LGs,Districts and Polling Units N 100,000
3.250,000Nigeria Business Leads Email,Gsm and Address .N50,000
4.Nigeria Church/Pastors Email Address. 18,000entries.N10,000
5.Lagos/Abuja Special Leads (Gsm Numbers by streets and area councils 2,800,000entries)Corporate and businesses
Gsm&Email address 200,000entries N100,000.
6.500,000Nigerian Working Class Email Address N,50,000.
7.Nigerian Online Shoppers in Nigerian(active online user 600,000)N25,000.
8.Lagos Island Phone Numbers Database (special email address /Gsm leads 100,000entries)N15,000
9.Lagos Business School individual & Corporate executive email address 50,000entries.N30,000
10.National Business Leads in categories over 1million Email address/Gsm Numbers in categories. N50,000
11.Get Total Package Of All Leads From Our Platform ,plus license to resell.100k ….Call or watapps Yemlat on 08028359239,07069186241.We have special servers to give you to send unlimited mails per day for a low cost.

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Contact Yemlat on 08028359239 for ios app, android app, web app and any website development that requires great thinking and professionality. I deliver within 2weeks, i am an isp and a developer so be rest assured you will get the best. I can also make your site show Google ads so that you can earn money everyday.
company and app
Loan website and app
Taxi website and app
Courier website and app
School website and app
Ads website
Lotto website and app
Web games and app etc
(ios & android)
Call me for any of your difficult jobs that you think cannot be done. I will certainly surprise you.
I also develop windows applications and audit websites and apps. I train as well

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At Yemlat Web Agency, We provide Mobile Application Development Services. We are Nigeria-based mobile development agency. We offer cost effective mobile app design and development services for iphone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Window Apps.Web Design & DevelopmentWe are renowned for being among the leading website development agency in Nigeria. Our web design and development services help clients grow their businesses online across the globe. At Yemlat Multimedia Agency, we build websites that are not only visually beautiful, but also functionally effective. Our team of web strategists, designers, developers, and project managers work together to help clients meet their business objectives. Our web design and development service covers:✔ Corporate Website Design✔ Marketing Website Design✔ Website Training with PHP,ASP,WORDPRESS,PYTHON✔ eCommerce Web Development✔ Custom Web Application Development✔ Mobile Apps(Android/IOS Applications✔ Forum Development✔ Classified Ads Multilevel Website development✔ Online Community website design✔ and more.  Call/watapps Yemlat on 08028359239

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We Install SSL Https Security Certificate On Your Website Or Server At YEMLAT

We will install SSL certificate on your shared hosting / VPS / dedicated server.
Also, We will do
Single Domain / Multi domain / Wildcard SSL certificate installation
SSL Labs security Test
A+ grade fine tuning your VPS / dedicated server

Also, I will offer you SSL certificates at best price.

Secure your website now and increase the search engine.It works!!!

Get in touch with us on 08028359239(watapps) or call 07069186241

for more details

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Ecommerce Website Design Training In Just 4 Days With Yemlat

Learn the secrets of developing an ecommerce website in just 4 days or 2 week ends with our just acquired license template that has lots of features.You will be able to develop any kind of ecommerce websites with payment integration,products addition and many more in an easy way.Just drag and drop and that is all.It is easy and faster.Online payment integration will also be treated.Join us any time to learn the secrets and how anybody with zero knowledge can make money with ecommerce.It is simple and affordable.Call 07069186241 or watapps on 08028359239 for more details.

We Will Develop Shopify Marketing Or E Commerce Marketing Live At YEMLAT

We will develop a modern shopify marketing or Ecommerce marketing strategy for your business.
What is shopify
Shopify is your best choice for an e-commerce platform for small to mid-size businesses. It has a wide range of functionality and has thousands of apps that will help you customize your website for your specific needs
What we can do for you at YEMLAT
Our themes are custom-built to solve your Shopify e-commerce marketing needs. If you don’t have a need for an e-commerce store we can build one for you.

If you’re looking to fast track the growth of your e-Commerce startup, we can provide you with the complete range of services to help you grow your online brand.
SHOPIFY MARKETING and E-COMMERCE MARKETING are our area of specialization which we have handled time without numbers and it gives an expected result as a great and qualified SHOPIFY marketer.

Talk to us at YEMLAT on watapps on 08028359239 or visit our office at 34,sule st,mongoro b/stop,ikeja.

amazing grace plaza,suite 24/25.We have professional teams to give you professional ecommerce services at affordable price.

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Digital Marketing Services/training For All At Affordable Price Live At Yemlat!

This is a step by step trainnig on how to become a sought after social media marketing/digital marketing consultant. After this training, you will get hired by multi national companies in Nigeria and overseas and can even be your own boss comfortably at your own time.
You will be given premium training materials and certificate of participation which you can use for searching jobs. Presently there are job openings everywhere in the world for you as a freelance digital marketer.
Social media/Digital marketing specialists are highly paid both in Naira and dollars. We will show you how you can position yourself for the world to see you.Get across to us at YEMLAT on watapps on 08028359239,07069186241 for more information or visit us at 34,sule st,mongoro b/stop,ikeja.amazing grace plaza,suite 24/25,Yemlat Global Concepts.

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Web Consulting/marketing Training Fully Demystified @ Yemlat

Discover the top secrets of setting up a web consulting business and earn cool cash on a monthly basis.This is not all about designing websites alone but the real marketing strategies that will continue to put money in your pocket on a residual basis.Get the skills as a developer and as a marketer.Web consulting business is a real lucrative business and whoever finds out how to do it is on his or her way to real financial freedom.Call us now on 07069186241


Do you need a professional top notch website and software at the cheapest

price in Nigeria,then look no further.We design and develop any kind of websites

at cheapest price in Nigeria.Ecommerce,MLM,Ponzi,school portal,donation site,church

website and any other websites.We also develop software for business and other purposes.

Hotel software,hospital software,banking software,human resources software and many more

are also available.Enjoy the digital century with our professionalism.Talk to us on watapps on

08028359239,07069186241 or visit us at 34,sule st,mongoro bstop,ikeja.amazing grace plaza,suite

24/25.A trial will convince you.

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Reseller Web Hosting Business On A High Speed Dedicated Server

Do you want to start your own reseller web hosting business on a high speed dedicated server,then join

us every thursday and saturday @ 34,sule st mongoro,ikeja,amazing grace plaza,suite 24/25.We will train and teach you on

how to become a reseller for a peanut.Note that this is not a shared or vps server.With dedicated server,your server is secured!

You will be able to run a reseller web hosting with peace of mind.No downtime!No inode max!! No slowing and more resources.

Call us on 08028359239,07069186241,08095835070.A trial will convince you.

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