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We Install SSL Https Security Certificate On Your Website Or Server At YEMLAT

We will install SSL certificate on your shared hosting / VPS / dedicated server.
Also, We will do
Single Domain / Multi domain / Wildcard SSL certificate installation
SSL Labs security Test
A+ grade fine tuning your VPS / dedicated server

Also, I will offer you SSL certificates at best price.

Secure your website now and increase the search engine.It works!!!

Get in touch with us on 08028359239(watapps) or call 07069186241

for more details

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Ecommerce Website Design Training In Just 4 Days With Yemlat

Learn the secrets of developing an ecommerce website in just 4 days or 2 week ends with our just acquired license template that has lots of features.You will be able to develop any kind of ecommerce websites with payment integration,products addition and many more in an easy way.Just drag and drop and that is all.It is easy and faster.Online payment integration will also be treated.Join us any time to learn the secrets and how anybody with zero knowledge can make money with ecommerce.It is simple and affordable.Call 07069186241 or watapps on 08028359239 for more details.

We Will Develop Shopify Marketing Or E Commerce Marketing Live At YEMLAT

We will develop a modern shopify marketing or Ecommerce marketing strategy for your business.
What is shopify
Shopify is your best choice for an e-commerce platform for small to mid-size businesses. It has a wide range of functionality and has thousands of apps that will help you customize your website for your specific needs
What we can do for you at YEMLAT
Our themes are custom-built to solve your Shopify e-commerce marketing needs. If you don’t have a need for an e-commerce store we can build one for you.

If you’re looking to fast track the growth of your e-Commerce startup, we can provide you with the complete range of services to help you grow your online brand.
SHOPIFY MARKETING and E-COMMERCE MARKETING are our area of specialization which we have handled time without numbers and it gives an expected result as a great and qualified SHOPIFY marketer.

Talk to us at YEMLAT on watapps on 08028359239 or visit our office at 34,sule st,mongoro b/stop,ikeja.

amazing grace plaza,suite 24/25.We have professional teams to give you professional ecommerce services at affordable price.

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Digital Marketing Services/training For All At Affordable Price Live At Yemlat!

This is a step by step trainnig on how to become a sought after social media marketing/digital marketing consultant. After this training, you will get hired by multi national companies in Nigeria and overseas and can even be your own boss comfortably at your own time.
You will be given premium training materials and certificate of participation which you can use for searching jobs. Presently there are job openings everywhere in the world for you as a freelance digital marketer.
Social media/Digital marketing specialists are highly paid both in Naira and dollars. We will show you how you can position yourself for the world to see you.Get across to us at YEMLAT on watapps on 08028359239,07069186241 for more information or visit us at 34,sule st,mongoro b/stop,ikeja.amazing grace plaza,suite 24/25,Yemlat Global Concepts.

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Learn Web Development With Joomla And WordPress At Affordable Price

Learn the latest method of designing powerful websites with both JOOMLA AND WORDPRESS.Note that all newspaper in Nigeria are designed using wordpress.We will take you by the hand and give you the top secrets of designing awesome websites with both JOOMLA and WORDPRESS. We also have a customise templates that will aid your design.Call us today on 07069186241 and see differences @ YEMLAT TECH.

You can still register with our new training in 2019.

Join us on watapps on 08028359239.We offer all kinds of website

development training like php/mysql, digital marketing,magento,drupal,

wordpress,open cart,Joomla and many more.Our office is at 34,sule st,

mongoro b/stop,ikeja.amazing grace plaza,suite 24/25.

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Web Consulting/marketing Training Fully Demystified @ Yemlat

Discover the top secrets of setting up a web consulting business and earn cool cash on a monthly basis.This is not all about designing websites alone but the real marketing strategies that will continue to put money in your pocket on a residual basis.Get the skills as a developer and as a marketer.Web consulting business is a real lucrative business and whoever finds out how to do it is on his or her way to real financial freedom.Call us now on 07069186241


Do you need a professional top notch website and software at the cheapest

price in Nigeria,then look no further.We design and develop any kind of websites

at cheapest price in Nigeria.Ecommerce,MLM,Ponzi,school portal,donation site,church

website and any other websites.We also develop software for business and other purposes.

Hotel software,hospital software,banking software,human resources software and many more

are also available.Enjoy the digital century with our professionalism.Talk to us on watapps on

08028359239,07069186241 or visit us at 34,sule st,mongoro bstop,ikeja.amazing grace plaza,suite

24/25.A trial will convince you.

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Reseller Web Hosting Business On A High Speed Dedicated Server

Do you want to start your own reseller web hosting business on a high speed dedicated server,then join

us every thursday and saturday @ 34,sule st mongoro,ikeja,amazing grace plaza,suite 24/25.We will train and teach you on

how to become a reseller for a peanut.Note that this is not a shared or vps server.With dedicated server,your server is secured!

You will be able to run a reseller web hosting with peace of mind.No downtime!No inode max!! No slowing and more resources.

Call us on 08028359239,07069186241,08095835070.A trial will convince you.

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We offer affordable website design,website redesign in any types of website development

We offer affordable website design,website redesign in any types of website development

which include MLM website design,Ecommerce website design,bulk sms website design,

investment website design,school portal,NGO website,business website and cryptocurrency website

design with payment automation.We also do training in all areas of website design at affordable cost.

Digital marketing and web hosting on a high speed dedicated server are also available.Talk to us on watapps on

08028359239,07069186241 or visit us at 34,sule st,mongoro b/stop,ikeja.amazing grace plaza,suite 24/25

Yemlat Global Concepts.Try us today and experience a professional service at affordable cost live at YEMLAT.

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We Develop following MLM business plans at affordable price.

We will design and provide full MLM website in any of the following below.

We Develop following MLM business plans at affordable price.

Binary MLM
Matrix MLM
Generation MLM
Party Plan MLM
Gift Plan MLM
Unilevel/Sunflower MLM
Board MLM
Stair Step Plan MLM
Spillover Binary Plan MLM
Website Development details :

Online Members Joining system

Online Login
Website Designing 10 pages and more
E-pin Generator
E-mail Alert
Member Panel

Welcome Letter
Member Profile and Data
Registration Certificate
Tree View
Geneology View
Direct Downline Report
Income/Reward Detail
Binary Income
Direct referral Income Detail
Send Message to Admin
Account Report
Member Downline List
Member E-PINs Management
Admin Panel

New Registration
Members’ Invoice Search
Edit Member Profile
Members’ security codes
Member SMS list
Date Wise Member List
Geneology View
Member Report
Member Messages
Generate/Issue E-PIN
Fresh E-PIN
Used E-PIN
Search E-PIN
Pay Commissions/Earnings
View Binary Income
Member A/C Balance
View Direct Income
Website Maintenance
24 Hours Support
E-mail Support
Phone Support

Talk to us on watapps on 08028359239 to request for samples

and more information.

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